About G-Immobilien


We are a mix of two cultures, my wife, Nichisa, short name, as is customary in Thailand, “Nic” is Thai and comes from the city of Buriram and I, Thomas, come from Germany, from the beautiful Franconia in Bavaria. This often makes it easier for us to understand the different wishes and directions of our customers' thoughts. Especially with couples or married couples, of whom one of the two comes from Thailand, it is very helpful that no one stands aside during the conversation. We consider this to be a particularly important point, as we have already received this from a lot of feedback as a positive experience from customers.

Another big advantage is that we live in Hua Hin ourselves and therefore know the conditions very well. It is also thanks to the fact and the experience that we were once looking for our own domicile ourselves that we have adapted some of the processes for admission and support to the European style for the benefit of our customers. It is very important for us to offer you personal advice.

We will always try to be so committed to you that we achieve the best possible result for you.

We are happy to support you within the scope of our possibilities when buying or renting land, apartments, villas or companies. We can also help you if you own a property that you want to sell or rent.

The range extends from small investments to the luxury sector.

The advantage for you is that, as is now common practice worldwide, we work with some of the largest real estate companies in Hua Hin in order to be able to offer you a larger selection of properties. This cooperation is more like a camaraderie than a pure business relationship and also has the advantage that you can cover a few other languages.

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